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Goodenough College is an international postgraduate residential community in the heart of Bloomsbury, close to London’s major universities.

In November 2011, the College commissioned Stamp Consulting Ltd to review its marketing activity in advance of major refurbishment works. The College sought to maximise its links with key partners and recruit a marketing manager.

As an associate of Stamp Consulting, Phil Williams worked alongside international student-recruitment expert Neil Kemp to produce a report and set of practical recommendations.

Phil engaged with internal and external stakeholders to devise key messages and communications strategies both regionally and internationally.

Our solution

  • A complete overhaul of three interconnected websites:, and
  • Subsequent staff training on a new content management system and web editorial by Phil Williams and Full Cycle
  • Updating and strengthening of contacts across London universities.
  • Marketing and communications plans for segmented stakeholders.
  • Contextual information panels produced by Full Cycle to show visitors the scope and breadth of the Goodenough experience.

To help implement the plans, Phil took on an interim role until the appointment of a full-time marketing manager.

Phil worked with us on a marketing strategy (as part of a team), and then, as an interim marketing manager, on its implementation. The strategy was practical and realistic, and he brought the same approach to its implementation, rolling his sleeves up and getting on with making it happen. He worked well with colleagues and really helped us move things on, whilst we recruited a full-time Marketing Manager.

Mark Lewis, former Director of Fundraising and Alumni Relations, Goodenough College